Jazz in Review: Part 1

Event Date: April 23rd, 2015
Event Type: Video Presentation
Presented by: Marc

Ian Tiele PresentsThe Brookfield Jazz Society featured and epic presentation titled "Jazz in Review: Part 1", which highlighted the music from live jazz events held over the first 10 Years of Supporting Jazz in Brookfield and the surrounding area. The video presentation offered select music tracks from the performers and groups (see list below) that have entertained audiences starting in October 2005 through April 2009, which was the 50th live jazz event. Accompanying the audio tracks are


A Night of Jazz

We wanted to let you know that the move to Sawa's Old Warsaw has been very successful over the past few weeks. The new room is bigger with more seating available, a new stereo system installed to better experience our presentations and movies with, and, of course, great food from the Authentic Polish-American Smorgasbord.

Along with a new everything else, there is a modified schedule for all meetings and live jazz events that is as follows:


We put Jazz in perspective...

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Today's Date:

The Jazz Room

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